How do I register to vote?

Elections BC makes it super easy to vote. Click here to register. If you aren’t sure you’re registered, there is no harm in registering again. Additionally, you can use that link to update your information like mailing address with Elections BC.

Is it going to be safe to vote?

Elections BC has made a number of considerations to allow for safe voting. They have added an additional advance polling date to reduce crowding at the polls. Each poll has the necessary supplies like PPE and hand sanitizer and allow for safe distances to line up.

You can also request a mail-in ballot to perform the vote from home. Please click here for more information.

How can I find out where to vote?

Polling stations will be posted on ElectionsBC as soon as they’re finalized.

What ID do I need to vote?

If you have either a BC driver’s license, BC Identification Card (BCID), A BC Services Card (with photo), another card issued by the Government of BC or Canada that has a name, photo, and address, or a Certification of Indian Status. You will only need one piece of ID. Please note, your ID must have your current address.

Or you can show any two pieces of approved ID. You can find that list here.

Who can vote?

To vote you need to be a Canadian Citizen, 18 years or older on Election Day, and be a resident of BC for more than 6 months.